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Read more: Are you one of the 98% who…. 1. I give blogging a high priority No one will get results in any work or hobby unless they prioritize time use.I blog there and when I’m at my best Others want to blog in a full cafe. Some listen to music and others want complete silence around them. Learn to identify the best conditions for blogging. I myself wake up every morning at 5:00. In the morning before the children wake up, I check the blog statistics, read comments and write weekly letters or blog posts. I’m always at my best in the morning/afternoon. In the afternoon the thought doesn’t go and in the evening it’s pointless to even try Some use the Pomodora technique in their work. Others make lists (like me and cross off one task at a time.  will help you blossom <3 5. I automate as much as possible In my coaching sessions, I always recommend writing a lot of blog posts in “reserve”, either so that they are 85% or 100% ready.

Finding the right working technique

 I personally like to incubate texts overnight, so I usually write the texts 85% ready and then polish them to the special data end before publishing. The goal is definitely to write some of the posts in advance, so that they can be scheduled at a suitable pace. This makes it easier for you when you don’t have to panic all the time to write new content. Currently, I aim to write 3 posts each week and schedule them evenly over the coming weeks. This usually takes one full working day. 6. I build effective routines Everything you do gets faster when you repeat it over and over again. No one learns to ride a bicycle the first time., the better you get at it. In my case, one of the biggest efforts was thinking about blog post blanks. 4.5 hours later, there were 194 post ideas.

But the more you ride a bike

Do you struggle with time manage How do you start blogging? (read this before starting a blog and avoid the biggest mistakes) To start blogging | 0 Comments | Tiia Continent This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 147 SHARES Facebook 144 Twitter Pinterest 3 LinkedIn How do you start blogging and avoid the most typical mistakes? I have received many contacts from bloggers who have started a blog a few weeks ago and now want guidance on how to start increasing the number of blog readers. I’m always happy to help, but unfortunately I’ve had to decline these personal coaching sessions. The reason has been simply that critical mistakes were made in the beginning of the blog, which would take more than half a year to correct. If you are new to starting a blog (whether it’s a business blog, hobby blog, fashion blog, or whatever), I urge you to read through Sale Lead this post. This post will save you a lot of time and eliminate resentment, so the starting points for increasing the number of readers are significantly better

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