With this technique, you never have to get stuck at the text. And then I dictate ideas to the phone on the jogging path that the subconscious feeds. This at least saves stress and anxiety and there won’t be such a big threshold to start logging in. That, in turn, prevents thinking about business activities. This is how I find time for blogging In this post, I will tell you the tips and tricks that I myself have found to work. Test and implement the ones that suit you best.  if you don’t take the change forward. You don’t get more time in the day, so to free up more time for blogging, it’s inevitable to give up something else. I myself have given up television and mobile games, and I don’t regret it for a moment.

Remember that change won't happen

I understand well the challenge of prioritizing when there is work, family, hobbies and free time. But there latest database is always time somewhere. Bundling household chores together, delegating household chores to others and building effective routines for blogging and marketing, for example, will go a long way. Blogging is high on the to-do list, but on the weekends, for example, I try more and more to keep the computer off. 2. I set a concrete goal and determine the time by which I want to achieve it If the goal is to make the blog a success, what does that mean? How do you know you have reached your goal? Or if the goal is to get more customers, how many customers are enough per week/month?  completely the same as getting into a taxi in the morning and when the driver asks where to go, you say: “Go wherever you want”.

Blogging without a goal is

 You don’t have to make blogging 100% the most important thing in life and you don’t have to invest in it 14/7/356 for the next 5 years. The journey will be memorable, but you will never get where you want to go. I try to do no more than three goals each month. They are usually quite small, but in a year you can reach many of them. Individual goals form a big whole in the long run. 3. I outsource the jobs that are easy and quick to handle It’s completely pointless to try to do everything yourself. More than 90% of the work that is done for the blog takes time and does not bring results in a quick time frame. In the beginning, I bartered with other entrepreneurs and coaches. They did some small work for me and I helped them to develop or improve the blog. Blogging requires time and know-how and you don’t have to do everything yourself. It’s enough that Sale Lead you enjoy writing and guide your team to work towards a concrete goal – together. Read more: Why is the 4-hour work week idealized? 4.

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