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The ideal is to use language that is in the middle ground between the formality and relaxation of a chat so that you have more chances of generating a connection with the public. 4. Publicize the newsletter There’s no point in having a newsletter with Ready to professionalize your customer service? rich content if there’s no one to read it, right? Therefore, you ne to publicize that your company has a newsletter to get subscribers and readers. To do this, insert links to the registration form on the website and company profiles on social networks. 5. Monitor metrics Evaluating the performance of your brand’s newsletter is essential because it allows you to make the necessary adjustments to maximize the volume of subscriptions and content consumption (in addition, of course, to improving the ROI rate ( return on investment ).

Evaluating the performance

The main ones Metrics analyz in relation to a newsletter are the delivery rate and the email opening rate . 3 subscription platforms to monetize newsletters 3 platforms to monetize newsletter subscriptions Did you know that newsletters are so Canada Phone Number Data popular these days that there are even subscription plans where readers pay to receive them ? So it is! Some newsletters achieve so much authority among their target audience that subscribers don’t think twice before reaching into their pockets to continue receiving interesting content. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to 3 platforms that allow you to charge for sending exclusive newsletters to subscribers and profit from this type of content.

Some newsletters achieve

Canada Phone Number Data

Substack Substack is a platform that offers features to publish, pay, analyze and develop subscription newsletters. Launch in 2017, the tool allows writers and podcasters to publish their creations directly to the audience through paid Australia WhatsApp Number List subscriptions and with full itorial control over the content. 2. Beehiv Beehiv is a platform that has integrat solutions for newsletters, such as the possibility of sending personaliz content, resources to scale the number of readers through referrals and shares , as well as the option to Canada Phone Number List monetize texts to guarantee recurring revenue from subscriptions. 3. Patreon Very popular among content creators, the Patreon platform has an application for Android and iOS and allows subscribers to pay for the content of their newsletter with a crit card or PayPal , in addition to allowing newsletter authors to create a contact list accordingly.


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