I have a friend who can always be counted on to recommend good books to read.

Another friend of mine, not only always knows the latest developments in the camera world..

.. in fact he is very confident in everything he recommends.

If you Plan the specific journeys your customersnotice, there are some people who always like to share knowledge or links to articles that are good and very valuable to read.

But unfortunately, for most other people, they are still hesitant and shy .

What if other people don’t like it..

Later other people will say that I have a good and pious budget

“Later it will be a ripple and point..”

The fear of being judged is very noticeable in our culture.

It’s typical Malaysians, especially Malays.

There is a difference between actually sharing good Latest Mailing Database things and sharing with the intention of showing. We can all see and feel.

Nowadays we live in a culture that is constantly changing..
And this culture is determined by the thoughts (ideas/knowledge) we use, and with whom we choose to share.

Sharing ideas or knowledge that we know is the most kind thing that can be done

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The culture that we will encounter in the life of the Sale Lead next month, is the result of what we all share today.

The things we share and don’t share determine what happens next.

It takes courage to say, “I have read this and you should read this too..

Yes, the courage to take care of our own culture (and also our friends) to move forward and achieve something.

God willing, if we share good things, the good itself will come to us.

Spend quality time with our family and friends. We must feel a difference because this person has a lot of stories. because we are no longer busy checking smart phones and focusing on them.

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