One of the most unhealthy conditions is hot, humid air. Air conditioning not only reduces the temperature, it also reduces the humidity. But we must not forget that as harmful as exposure to hot and humid air is, direct exposure of air conditioning to your body is equally harmful. One of the biggest mistakes during hot summer days is to suddenly go from an environment that is too hot to another that is too cold. This can be extremely dangerous for human health, as it increases the risk of a heart attack (attack). Also, different air currents can cause migraines. Temperature caused by air conditioning Air conditioning can cause weakness and body temperature.

Temperature caused by air conditioning

A temperature caused by air conditioning does not mean you have an infection. This is a condition during which the organism is highly sensitive to various bacteria. Mold and bacteria are found in the reservoir of the air conditioner or other similar Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List devices and reach our lungs through the air. Air conditioning-induced fever appears as an inflammatory disease only a few hours after exposure. The symptoms of this condition are: high temperature, fever, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, upper respiratory tract infection, etc. General therapy and proper use of conditioner is the pain reliever, improving your condition only after a few days.

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Negative effects of air conditioning

If your condition does not improve or worsens, you should consult your doctor. Negative effects of air conditioning Careless use of conditioner Australia Phone Number List can make you feel tired, can cause headaches, stiffness or stiffness in the neck or back, and other problems such as legionella caused by bacteria. Disorders caused by air conditioning: General disorders: weakness, fatigue Disorders related to the nervous system: headache, lack of concentration, migraine, facial paralysis Disorders of the musculoskeletal system: stiffness in the neck and back, pain and difficulty in movement usually affects those areas that are most exposed to air conditioning.

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