Most urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria. That enter the bladder and in a small number of cases travel to the kidneys via the urethra. The main cause of the appearance of infections are the bacteria that live in the large intestine and are present in the feces. Women are particularly prone to these infections, due to their short urethra. Which allows bacteria to easily enter the bladder. The first sign that indicates that you have a urinary infection is a burning or stinging sensation. The presence of the following symptoms indicates that you have a urinary tract infection. Stinging sensation during urination the urge to urinate every 5-10 minutes, but with a small amount of urine pain or pressure in the lower abdomen or back.

Treatment with antibiotics

Change in smell and color of urine you feel tired fever or increased body temperature. Treatment with antibiotics the most important thing is to find out the factors causing the infection. Laboratory analysis of urine should be performed to detect the Chile WhatsApp Number List presence of certain bacteria. Antibiotics can have a positive effect on urinary tract infections. But you should always remember to take the full prescribed dose. You should not stop them even if you feel an immediate improvement. The therapy should be taken completely to the end. Do not forget that drinking fluids is also very important. Chronic urinary tract infection occurs in one in five women who have previously had a urinary tract infection.

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How to prevent recurrence

In most cases, it is a matter of recurrence of the bacterial infection. Some bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. Some women have a genetic Belgium Phone Number List predisposition, others have abnormalities in the structure of their urinary tract, which makes them more prone to infections. Also, women who suffer from diabetes are prone to urinary infections. Other causes that constitute a risk for the occurrence of this infection are pregnancy and kidney stones. For people with frequent urinary infections, it is recommended to drink cranberry tea and uvin tea as a preventive measure. If during a year you have recurrence of urinary infection 3 or more times, you should consult a nephrologist.

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