For older couples, check-ups begin after six months. The optimal number of intercourse is four times a week. While the number of fertilization is 6 (six) even if you have intercourse less than three times a week. In 85% of girls fertilization is achieved within a year. And in 10% of girls they do not get pregnant even after three years – explains dr. Mitko ivanovski, gynecologist-obstetrician specialist at the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital. The incidence of infertility in the world is 10-16%. Men are responsible for 40%. Almost the same number is for women. While about 20% of reproductive cases are related to general problems, with disorders of the normal state of both partners.

Dysfunction of the thyroid gland

The most common risk factors for infertility in women With the passage of age, not only the quality but also the quantity of egg cells is reduced, which often affects the quality of the embryos. According to statistical data, the possibility of getting Vietnam WhatsApp Number List pregnant between the ages of 35-40 is reduced to 33%, while after the age of 40 the fertility index is reduced to 87%. Over the age of 44 the chance of getting pregnant through IVF is below 2%. About 90% of ovarian cells in women under the age of 40 are abnormal. The abortion rate over the age of 40 is greater than 33%. Statistically, the incidence of abnormal pregnancies among women over the age of 40 is 1/38.

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What are the most common

With the passage of age, the risk to genetic chromosomes, malformations in the offspring as well as the number of spontaneous abortions also increases. Smoking, alcohol and drug use increase the risk of infertility significantly in both men and Brazil Phone Number List women. Also, smoking reduces the effect of infertility treatment. Eating disorder – eating not properly (anorexia or bulimia) as well as practicing strict diets can cause fertility in women. The increase in body weight above the normal one is an actual problem, especially for modern industrialized countries, as the results of the new lifestyle and nutrition, in addition to a large number of diseases, also affects infertility.

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