Although the diagnosis of any particular symptom is negative news, for people diagnosed with Celiac, the correct diagnosis means the end of problems. Celiac disease is an autoimmune genetic disease that appears from the consumption of foods that contain gluten. People with Celiac disease, the body recognizes gluten as a foreign body and begins to react by attacking its own cells. The term gluten in the layman’s interpretation refers to the protein of wheat, rye, barley, which is present in various combinations of its components – plant protein prolamin and glutenin. With more than 300 symptoms, celiac disease is a difficult and complicated condition to diagnose.

Celiac disease symptoms

A large number of patients feel the symptoms Colombia WhatsApp Number List for years even though they do not have a definite diagnosis. They wander from one doctor to another to find relief for their condition. It is considered that this disease appears when it is encouraged by other health conditions. Such as viral infection, pregnancy, childbirth or emotional stress. Celiac disease symptoms gas. Dloating and abdominal pain constipation or loose stools nervousness and change in your behavior he said sensitive skin joint pain weight loss irregular menstrual cycle weak bones that can break slow growth. These symptoms vary from person to person. Some people affected by this disease do not have any external symptoms.

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Treatment – ​​gluten-free diet

People with a risk factor, who have a family member suffering from this disease. Should definitely be checked even if the symptoms are not Cambodia Phone Number List present. Treatment – ​​gluten-free diet by means of the gluten-free diet this condition is brought under control. Introducing gluten-free food into the body is something new that you have to get used to. At first you may feel that you are limited with food. Especially if you do not have pronounced symptoms. But you’ll be really surprised when you realize how many gluten-free foods exist. Fruits. Vegetables, eggs, fish, mushrooms, meat, dairy products, some whole grains, legumes…all these products do not contain gluten. The choice is really big.

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