Toothache is the first warning to visit the dentist. If you wait for the pain to go away on its own you may cause a bigger problem. Over time, the diseased tooth process continues to erode and further damage the tooth, while the pain continues to increase. Jaw pain Pain in the jaw can appear as a result of severe toothaches, due to irritation of the sinuses, grinding of teeth or due to problems with the jaw joint. Jaw pain is another reason why you should visit the dentist. He will determine what exactly it is about, if the cause of the jaw pain is related to the problem of the teeth, or he will recommend you to have a check-up at the ENT (otolaryngologist).

Bleeding from the gums

Bad breath Temporary bad breath caused by the food you eat should not worry you. If the bad breath lasts for a long time, then you should visit the dentist. This could be a warning sign of gum disease or something more serious. Usually, bad breath Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List can be reduced by regular brushing and flossing with a special interdental brush that you can find at any pharmacy. Bleeding from the gums Bleeding gums can be caused by using the wrong brush and while brushing your teeth it damages their pulp. It can also be a sign of any disease or irritation of the gums – gingivitis. You should not be surprised if traces of blood appear while brushing your teeth.

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Sores in the mouth

But often, bleeding gums accompanied by pain can be a real reason why you should visit your dentist. Sores in the mouth The appearance of sores in the mouth can be due to infection, usually viral or fungal (mold). The biggest problem that smokers Canada Phone Number List face is leukoplakia – lesions on the oral mucosa. You should inform your dentist about any changes in the oral mucosa. Cracked teeth Although often invisible to the naked eye, cracked teeth can cause pain if not treated in time. Precisely for this reason, cracked teeth, damaged teeth, grinding teeth are conditions which, if not treated, can cause other complications.

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