The Beginner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Marketing departments are often criticized for bringing in low-quality leads that sales can’t convert. This kind of situation is caused by the fact that marketing and sales KPIs are often separate by design. This leads to a common paradox—marketing can hit its goals by bringing in a high volume of leads, but sales can’t hit its goals because those same leads are poorly qualified. Account-based marketing (ABM) aims to fix that. By tightly aligning all The Beginner’s marketing and sales operations and working towards shared goals. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a type of B2B marketing that focuses on aligning marketing and sales to reach specific target accounts.

ABM considers target

Accounts as markets-of-one and emphasizes the quality of accounts over the number of leads. How does ABM work? The crucial thing to understand about executive data ABM is that it isn’t a specific marketing tactic or tool. It’s how far you go with identifying and targeting your potential customers. Everything else is secondary. Let me explain: Most “traditional” marketing strategies—content marketing, inbound marketing, etc.—start from generalizations about the ideal customer. They don’t need to “know” the prospect by name (in theory) because the actual customer will reveal itself after following a series of touchpoints and eventually filling a form or signing up for a trial. Initially, ABM teams will do the same.

The Beginner’s start from

Their buyer personas or ideal customer profiles. However, ABM goes a step further and identifies the customer instead of waiting to let them Sale Lead identify themselves. If I had to show one image to sum up how ABM works, I’d show this screenshot from a product demo of an ABM ad solution: Look closely: What you’re seeing here is a dream come true for many B2B marketers. The dashboard shows the number of interactions made by targeted companies (read: previously selected companies) with a company’s ads. Based on those interactions, marketers and sales reps know who is showing purchase intent and how to personalize a conversation with them to close the deal. Let’s look at the main types of ABM and some examples to learn more about how ABM works.

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