This makes it easy to obtain valuable information about user behavior and the performance of Digital Marketing actions on Google! Tip: Results with Digital Marketing that you can achieve! Google Trends The Google Trends tool is very useful for planning Digital Marketing actions because, when searching for keywords in it, you can see the search volume for each one! You can also compare public interest between two different topics, find new keywords.

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separate them by platform (Google and YouTube ), by time period and by region. Analysis of interest over time in Google Trends Google Search Console Google Search Console is the ideal tool for monitoring your website’s indexing performance in new database Google searches! Furthermore, it is super useful because it helps correct errors, warns about loading problems on the website and warns about security problems (such as malware or intrusion).

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 Reaching more people, making any brand internationally recogniz and increasing sales using just the Internet are some of the fantastic results for which Digital Marketing has become popular. To the inexperienc eye, results like these tend to seem exaggerat, pure luck, or magical formulas impossible to reproduce. What is Digital Marketing? (Concept) Digital Marketing is a set of Marketing fundamentals Sale Lead activat in the online environment, using digital tools to enable and accelerate.

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