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 Google Ads Google Ads is the advertising platform that allows you to make different ad formats with the potential to be display on Google! As it is a highly targetable platform for creating ads focus on specific groups of people, Google Ads offers an exclusive tool:

the Google Keyword Planner . This tool works like a much more detail version of Google Trends, offering information such as keyword volume , competition, costs and similar terms.

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 Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your strategy Put Digital Marketing on Google into practice! Putting a Digital Marketing strategy into practice on Google can be the biggest indicator of success for your business , just as it is for millions of other entrepreneurs! You’ve seen that it’s not a big deal, but it also takes experience to plan good Latest database Content Marketing (optimiz with SEO) to then be broadcast by Paid Mia in a cycle where the profit from sales can be f by Inbound Marketing itself.

Google Partner Digital Marketing agency

After passing through the middle of the funnel (convincing), leads are filter and complete the purchase at the bottom of the funnel ! Persona The persona is a fictional representation of the ideal Sale Lead customer profile — bas on real data, but invent so that the company can think of the best ways to communicate with this type of individual within the target audience.

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