Statista found that the most popular youtube child theme channels in 2022 are: statista statista the top three channels in this list are songs and nursery rhymes so this is the video content that resonates with this group. For older children in this under 13 group. Eucational content on youtube does well including national geographic kids (629.000 subscribers). Sesame street (22.8 million subscribers). And science channel crash course kids (690.000 subscribers) crash course kids youtube crash course kids youtube other youtube channel ideas for this age group that you could try are: unboxing toys or opening collector cards (e.g. Pokemon) reading or storytelling sensory videos exercise videos like yoga cooking or baking crafts or art however.

Generating leads or boosting sales

 Follow best practices for headers. Like starting each page with an h1 that describes the content of the page. Then using h2s and h3s as sub-headings. Use the heading tags intentionally; do not randomly stagger them with no thought to the structure. Though you can differentiate headings through visual means through css styling. Screen reader users do not have the luxury of seeing these distinctions. It is especially critical to utilize well-formatte page layouts to ensure users with vision difficulties can easily consume your content. Keep dense paragraphs to a minimum. campaign new data performance whether it’s increasing brand awareness. Generating leads or boosting sales. Working with an online content creator means your brand can benefit from their creativity and authenticity. Influencers are creative individuals with a skill for making content that their audience will love. And their voices can be valuable to your brand. It can also allow you to gain traction on platforms where you may not yet have a presence; creators on tiktok for example are experts at making promotional content that fits in seamlessly with their organic content and entertains their audience. But influencer marketing can be tricky. 

The brand account go to your advance account

The brand account go to your advance account settings select move channel to brand account select your brand channel and opt to delete the personal channel that you logge in as initially follow the instructions on the screen to add additional managers with a brand channel. You can engage in display and video advertising campaigns. And target video ads to the right audience. Youtube strategy for growing your channel once you have a channel set up.

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