This term comes from Japanese, and means “card with signs” .  this work methodology was created in the 1940s by. , toyota Production System when they began to use cards that identified.  material needs at different stages of the production chain. Project management with this tool adds value for clients. Maintaining costs and increasing the company’s productivity . In addition, it is a flexible and easy to implement working method. What is the Kanban method The materializes in the creation of a board where. We place the different phases that make up the project in sections forming. Columns that, in turn, are divided into tasks represented with cards

Divide Your Project Into Its Execution Phases

Within the board, and once you have created the phases of the project in chronological. order you can create cards that correspond to the different tasks that make up each phase. The good thing about these cards is that they are movable. something that makes your work much easier in case you have to incorporate. A new task or resolve any unforeseen event, changing the order of their execution. Place tasks in descending order of priority under the corresponding phase. Keep in mind that urgent tasks are not always the highest priority. You must sit calmly to establish the order of email contact list priority regarding. The urgency of each of them. The good thing about using an application for the methodology is that you can assign each of the tasks to the people on your team who must perform them.

Classify and Order the Phases of the Process

Next, we will see in 4 simple steps how you can implement the methodology. In your business and take control of the workflow Sale Lead in an agile and fluid way.  divide your project into its execution phases The first step is to take a general look. At your entire project. to do this, take a blank piece of paper, or open the word processor that you usually. Use on your computer and create the different phases that make it up.  You must include everything you need for the project to come to an end. From brainstorming to the intervention of external. Professionals who will help in its progress. Draw the board on your sheet of paper or computer. Dividing it into the columns that correspond to the different phases you just created. Therefore, sTEP 2: classify and order the phases of the process.

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