What Is It and How to Use It to Promote Your Brand?

With subscription types. 5 examples of newsletters to inspire you 5 examples of newsletters to inspire you Currently, many content creators and brands have already realiz the great source of opportunities and possibilities for creating a relationship with the public that a newsletter offers. The number of newsletters being creat increases every day and, so you can get the hang of how to create content via email that receives attention and audience engagement , we’ll show you 5 examples of newsletters . Take the opportunity to get references to create your brand’s newsletter. 1. Bits to Brands Sending content since 2018, this newsletter focuses on topics relat to technology and behavior trends for brands, with a base of more than 15 thousand subscribers.

Bits to Brands Sending content

The Bits to Brands curation seeks to understand and share ideas about the future as a result of the interaction between brands and technology. 2. Association of those Without Charisma Creat by digital influencer Camila Fremder, the Associação dos Sem Carisma newsletter is a great example of how this form of communication via email Oman Phone Number Data can generate a true community of fans . There are now more than 140 itions that teach in a very humorous way how to deal with situations that drain our energy and charisma in our personal and professional lives. 3. Nubank The exclusive content deliver by the Nubank newsletter promises to help you control your financial life and deal better with your money.

The exclusive content

Oman Phone Number Data

Who doesn’t want that, right? It’s no surprise that the digital bank’s newsletter has already surpass the 1 million subscriber mark . The success also gave rise to an audio newsletter, Semanada. 4. The Beat The Beat is the official newsletter of China Phone Number List Rock Content , an agency specializing in content marketing , and offers its readers weekly news and trends in the marketing market through topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship and strategies to improve brand results. Although, Endeavor Every Monday, Endeavor newsletter subscribers receive in their inbox a curation of content made by and for entrepreneurs about the main challenges fac by those who decide to create and manage their own business .


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