Google Analytics is one of Google’s free tools that is essential for anyone who wants to monitor website performance and collect data for content optimization and performance. Among the main information that Google Analytics provides are: Real-time reports; User demographic data; Most access pages; Conversions; Content performance; Website What is and why use the email marketing strategy? performance; Busiest access times; Devices most us by users; Campaign performance on Google Ads, among others. Speaking of Google Ads , Google Analytics also allows integration with Google’s advertising platform as well as other of its tools. Being a completely free and efficient option, Google Analytics is one of the most us data tools in the field.

Devices most us by users

Although it does not replace other paid options on the market, it is essential for any company or marketer. 2. Google Search Console Another free tool from Google itself that cannot be ignor is Google Search Console . In addition to offering data that contributes to content and SEO optimization , this tool also provides information for Mexico Phone Number Data analyzing traffic and site performance on Google, sending alerts about indexing, spam, security issues, among others. Other Google Search Console features include: Performance in Google search and discover results; Website usability and page experience; Key web metrics; Internal and external links; AMP troubleshooting, among others.

Real-time reports

Mexico Phone Number Data

Through Google Search Console, it is also possible to access Search Console Insights , a new platform that offers data in an easy way for content creators and SEO strategists. Reading tip: Content Marketing and SEO: 8 Tips for Uniting the Canada WhatsApp Number List Two Strategies. image 2 15 marketing tools Content creation and management Content Marketing is a solid strategy that puts into practice the fundamentals of the Inbound Marketing methodology . But to create content in a scalable way, maintaining quality and personalization, it is necessary to seek the help of tools both to optimize creation and to manage publications.


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