This type of tactic is interesting because, unlike SPAM, marketing campaign emails are only sent in case of explicit interest from leads (for example, when registering or providing data to receive communication) or implicit (when already there is a relationship between the prospect or customer and the company). This willingness of users 3 platforms to monetize newsletter subscriptions ensures greater receptivity to the content sent to their inboxes and, consequently, generates an effective way of, for example, presenting your company’s products and services in more detail.

What is email marketing automation and why?

What is email marketing automation and why? Automating the sending of marketing emails means using tools with the aim of maintaining and personalizing automatic contact with leads (or potential customers) . Additionally, email Greece Phone Number Data automation makes it easier for marketing teams to communicate with prospects with content align with the stage of the sales funnel they are in. This way, a lead who doesn’t know your company so well and what it does will receive one type of content , a prospect who has already been ucat about your business’s solutions will be impact by another text and someone who has already purchas from your company you will have another type of email marketing in your inbox.

Personalization and segmentation

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Thus, automation tools offer the possibility of segmenting contact lists bas on filters that classify prospects according to, for example, their level of knowlge about what your business does, leads that are closest to closing a purchase, among other possible segmentations. Personalization and segmentation are important because people Hong Kong Phone Number List are more likely to consume products and services from brands that focus on content that takes their interests into account. 5 steps to plan your brand’s email marketing automation 5 steps to plan your brand’s email marketing automation Automat sending of a sequence of emails can make content readers become consumers of your company’s products or services .


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