Have you ever thought about sending personaliz emails on a schul basis and bas on actions taken (or not taken) by customers or prospects? This is possible through the use of marketing automation software. With these tools, emails are automatically sent to welcome you when a potential customer signs up to a list to receive news about your Why create a newsletter to promote your brand? company’s products or services. You can also send recommendations for products and services similar to those that a customer has previously purchas from your brand or even a reminder that customers have plac items in their shopping cart but have not complet payment.

Why create a newsletter

In other words, email marketing automation optimizes your time and that of your marketing team because it automatically Germany Phone Number Data repeats tasks, allowing you and your employees to dicate themselves to other activities. In this article, the Tupiniquim Digital Marketing Agency will explain in detail what it is and what types of email marketing automation are us to contact potential or real customers, as well as giving you tips on tools and how to plan the implementation of this strategy in your business. What you will read about.

Tupiniquim Digital Marketing

Germany Phone Number Data

Although, Email Marketing Automation: free google ads ebook tupiniquim agency banner woman What is and why use the email marketing strategy? What is email marketing automation and why? 5 steps to plan your brand’s email marketing Germany Phone Number List automation 4 types of email marketing automation for your business 3 tools for email marketing automation Automate your business’ email marketing campaigns and optimize your time Frequently Ask Questions What is and why use the email marketing strategy? The email marketing strategy consists of using email as a communication channel and direct marketing tool to impact a company’s potential customers.


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