Automation for presenting the company‚Äôs services or products This is probably the most common type of email marketing automation. This is because it often represents the initial contacts a potential customer has with your business. After providing data for your brand to get in touch, this lead hopes to learn more about your business and what it has 3 WordPress plugins for newsletters to offer through the sequence of marketing emails that the automation tool will trigger. Creating and sending a sequence of emails over a pre-determin period of time is interesting because it helps to build a slightly deeper relationship with prospects and allows you to explain in detail, and little by little, the history of your company, what she does, what she specializes in and, most importantly, how she can help readers (and potential customers) solve problems with your brand’s products or services.

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Automation for cart abandonment Do you know when you are browsing an e-commerce site, place items in the virtual shopping cart, but hesitate and leave the page without making the purchase? There is a type of automation that contacts customers who came close to completing a purchase , but did not complete it for some reason. I bet you’ve already receiv an email like this from Amazon! These abandon cart emails are very efficient and can Korea Phone Number Data be the little push the customer ne to return to the page and complete the purchase of the items. The texts for this type of automation usually include phrases that remind the customer of the abandon or forgotten purchase, that the items are sav in the cart and waiting for the purchase to be complet, that the products will expire within a certain period, etc.

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Korea Phone Number Data

After-sales automation After closing a purchase, it is very common for customers to receive an email marketing automation Italy Phone Number List that aims to ask them to respond about their experiences throughout the purchasing process, quality of service, ease of navigating the website, likelihood of recommending the brand to other people and more. To do this, the email can contain a satisfaction survey such as, for example, the Net Promoter Score (better known by the acronym NPS) , which measures the level of customer satisfaction in relation to the purchasing experience. It is important that the text of this automat email does not contain many questions and focuses on requesting a quick, objective and efficient evaluation.


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