Furthermore, this automation process helps ruce the cost of acquiring new customers as it is a solution that does not require a large investment. In general, automation is us to send a specific number of emails with personaliz content to a group 5 examples of newsletters to inspire you of leads or customers and with a digital marketing objective . These objectives can be: to present the company and its products or services in a first contact with leads, to better inform prospects who already know your business to convince them to make a purchase, to offer new products and services to those who are already customers of the company.

These objectives can

See below the general steps to structure an efficient automat marketing email campaign : 1. Set the schule The first step to starting the process of automating the sending of marketing emails is to establish the objective, frequency and quantity of automatic messages. You can, for example, define that you want to present your company and Hong Kong Phone Number Data what it does in a series of 5 emails sent every Tuesday to ucate leads about your brand. You can also use automation software to promote a new service or product or even send a reminder to customers who add items to the shopping cart, but did not close the sale.

Prepare texts for each group

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Separate email readers into groups After establishing what you intend to achieve with automat marketing emails, you ne to separate the people who will receive the messages into groups according to the goals defin in the previous step. Although,separate the target audience to whom you want to present your business, users Indonesia Phone Number List who visit your website and left without making a purchase and other groups classifi bas on what you intend to achieve with automat emails. 3. Prepare texts for each group Well, now it’s time for the main thing: the text of the messages .


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