himself.Here, the winning model today is not the single genius but the team, and Design Thinking is a methodology that helps create teams that innovate successfully.

Design Thinking in the university approach

  • What do you teach your students during the Design Thinking course at the university? Do you think that the new generations have an advantage in approaching this method?


  • During his university courses he has the opportunity to interface with new generations of students on a daily basis, to interact with them and grasp their goals, their ambitions, their ideas. What resources do you see in today’s youth

Today’s young people experience digital with much more naturalness. When I started teaching I had to teach students how to turn on a computer. Today I have to force them to turn it off. But out of the Sale Lead question. There is a lack of understanding of how some logic underlying technology can be a limit to our freedom. It’s not a retrograde discourse. Far from it: to get to know the technology thoroughly and make the most of it, you need to take a step back and look at it in perspective. For the rest, in today’s young people I find a great desire to experiment and get involved, more than in previous generations.

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A look to the future according to the Design Thinking teacher Ivan Montis

  • We conclude with a look at future prospects. What new studies do you intend to pursue.

I teach how to use some of the tools of the method and put them into practice, to evaluate the students’ ability to create and work in teams in a profitable way . The first approach to this method does Mexico Phone Number List not go through theoretical studies, but through field testing. Of course, if you want to grow and become a trainer and an expert in the method, you need to study and deepen. g young is a particular advantage , maybe just the fact that when you’re young you’re more willing to get involved and experiment. Ence which can be very fertile.

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