We asked this in an exclusive interview with Professor Ivan Montis. This methodology with an innovative approach is spreading in Italian companies, especially following the digital transformation. It design model used to solve complex problems using creative vision and management.

Design Thinking: a revolutionary method

The Design Thinking methodology increases the ability of companies to make effective and profitable decisions, taking advantage of the involvement of various interlocutors. It does so by enabling different  teams  to develop creative thinking through teams that proceed from understanding the problem to identifying new potential solutions.

So what is the use of Design Thinking?

We talked about it with Professor Ivan Montis , General Netherlands Mobile Number List manager of San Paolo Digital srl and professor of the ” Design Thinking and Web Site Design ” course at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.

Interview with Professor Ivan Montis, professor of Design Thinking at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan

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  • Good morning Professor Montis, thank you for your availability. If you like, we can start by retracing her career up to how the first approach to Design Thinking took place.

My first approach to Design Thinking took place at the Stanford D.School in Palo Alto, founded by David Kelley precisely with the aim of spreading the study and use of Design Thinking: the methodology he Sale Lead developed and perfected in his company Ideo . Ideo is one of the best known and most famous design agencies in the world and has been the architect of highly successful products for companies such as Apple – for which they developed the first mouse – Ford and Coca-Cola. After that first contact, I continued specializing in the methodology and starting to offer it in the courses of the master’s degree in Digital Communication Specialist at the Catholic University.The proposal was so successful that the Catholic University decided to rename my course: “Design Thinking and Web Site Design .

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