Therefore, it is advisable to carefully choose which day to “link” your communication to . Understand if it is consistent with the business. The values ​​and messages that the company communicates or intends to communicate in the future. Avoid the busiest holidays (for example, the day against violence against women, the day of the environment), when you have nothing relevant to say or are not in a position to do so.

However many are the cases of successful campaigns, the risk of failing or going unnoticed is perhaps even higher.

The influencer is by now a completely codified figure Italy Phone Number List in the world of communication and marketing , so much so that there are more and more companies that use these personalities on the web to promote products and increase their Brand Reputation .

There are many statistics that show that investing in this relatively new branch of marketing leads to extremely positive results. There therefore an increase in companies ready to invest in what  defined as unconventional promotion . That is to say outside of a classic advertising strategy of presenting the product on different media.

The growth of influencer marketing

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As has been noted, in fact, the new stars of the web and social networks are able to guarantee greater public involvement. Consumers are ready to trust those who have expertise in a particular field Sale Lead and put their credibility at the service of a product.

Unlike a classic testimonial, the influencer has more direct contact with their followers . This guarantees both the public and the company. Respectively on the quality of the product and on the effectiveness of the promotional campaign.

As can be seen in some studies published on , the global value of influencer marketing has increased from a total of 1.6 billion dollars in 2016 to a projected 13.8 billion dollars for 2021 . A certainly impressive increase in terms of turnover, ready to grow further in the coming years.

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