In short, important objectives for equally important and far-reaching themes: from the environment to the education of children, from freedom of the press to the fight against AIDS. Until World Toilet Day , a day that does not simply want to celebrate the toile often communicated by the media, but to raise awareness of the importance of access to water and sanitation to guarantee the development of a fair and stable society.

When the web decides what to celebrate

But alongside these important themes, as we have seen, “unofficial” days (therefore not recognized by government bodies or world associations) dedicated to the most absurd and singular celebrations proliferate. From orgasm to picnic, from french fries to pizza, from anger to kindness.

Today, in fact , a hashtag or a viral video is enough for companies or associations to promote their campaign or invent an anniversary from scratch, trusting that the network will welcome it with enthusiasm. The result Iran Phone Number List is thus an increasingly dense calendar of events on which brands throw themselves headlong without however reaping real advantages in terms of communication and redemption . There is also the risk that this excess of anniversaries could weaken the value of more important celebrations which instead require attention and in many cases even funding.

When a World Day represents an opportunity for brands

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So what to do in the face of this crowded calendar? Do you have a Sale Lead real marketing strategy on social media? Throw out a press release that can be picked up by the press? Depends. As always, it is important to analyze the context . And starting from an accurate research that starts from some simple preliminary questions: who instituted the Day. What are your goals for that year. If you’re a wine company, is it really necessary to celebrate Gin Day.

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