An example of what has been said so far is given by the speech by Simonetta Cartaregia , head of the institutional information service of the University of Genoa , during the event “’20 | ’21 | ’22: Present and Future of Corporate Communication“ , in which you illustrated the changes and choices implemented in communication relating to the university during the pandemic.
The change due to the New Normal was above all an opportunity to improve.

In a short time, a new internal set-up was set up, to effectively Indonesia Phone Number List and quickly communicate the methods of carrying out university activities.

Existing data center systems were upgraded to provide e -learning for students. The social

Finally, choosing a common narrative to best address the post-New Normal future made monitoring consensus important.

UniGe has chosen to do so through the press review of L’Eco della Stampa, thus verifying the final effects of the communication.

World Days: On the dedicated page of the United Nations website Sale Lead there are – as we write – 152. And it is only the list of those promoted by the UN and recognized as “official”, therefore with a text of the resolution establishing them, the
reasons , goals for the year and other curiosities related to the day.

Any examples. On March 14th it’s the turn of Pi. And think that there are also those who, on May 24th, celebrate order in the office (will this also apply to those who are in smart-working?). In short, so on and so forth.

But what is the point of establishing a World Day? And, above all, when are they a good communication opportunity for companies ?

What is a World or International Day for

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Since 1950, the year in which the UN baptized World Human Rights Day, dedicating a day of the year to a particular theme or anniversary has had several objectives: fueling the debate in the media, dusting off collective memory. Inviting governments to action, give visibility to the work or results achieved by associations. Organizations and civil society in general, raise funds for research, prevention assistance.

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