Even with regard to eCommerce Marketing, the magic word that bounces off this question is: it depends. It depends on the type of business, whether it is online-only or physical as well. It depends UAE Phone Number List on the product and/or service and also on your target audience, i.e. the target you are addressing. The world of eCommerce Marketing is in fact far too vast, full of tools and channels that have a cost in terms of energy, resources and time… But the good news is that you don’t need everything.
Indeed, the system works well if you can understand which tool is suitable for your online business and what may be optional or even useless. To concentrate on the essentials, however, it takes a minimum of knowledge. That’s why in this guide you will findthe most important digital marketing tools you can use for your eCommerce , but with some useful reflections to avoid wasting time and money on attempts that bring little or nothing. In short, we will talk about marketing strategy for your eCommerce.

First of all ask yourself why you are online with a nice site that doesn’t sell

However reduced the management costs may be compared to the physical store, a site that does not sell in the long run still represents a cost, an expense to be incurred in the face of a loss of revenue.

If eCommerce doesn’t sell, there must be something wrong, but sometimes there are more than one reason. Here are some of the most frequent.

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  1. A real marketing strategy for eCommerce is missing.
    It seems like a smoky word, but you will soon see that the word ‘strategy’ includes brand positioning, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Unfortunately, however, many entrepreneurs and/or marketing managers still start out without a clear strategy, they go by trial and error, they use the same strategy as the physical store or blog… and this is a big mistake.
  2. The site offers an uninviting browsing experience.
    A good care of the Customer Experience (the experience that the visitor has while browsing) transforms your site into a pleasant ecosystem to explore. Consider that on the net there are millions of platforms competing with each other on the same products and services. And that according to a study conducted by Amazon Web Services , 88% of online shoppers do not return to a site on which they had a bad experience.
  3. You know little or nothing about your target. And he doesn’t know you…
    To whom and how are you communicating your products Sale Lead and/or services? If there is no profile of a person to whom to address your messages (texts, images, videos, etc.), with whom to start a conversation aimed at exchanging and sharing values, your communication remains generic and little, if at all, focused on the problem/solution of your target. Also referred to as Buyer Personas .

Tools for eCommerce Marketing

The success of an eCommerce implies the ability to work with digital marketing on multiple aspects. The objectives of digital marketing, in fact, are different and interconnected:

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