However, even this field can hide some pitfalls. Over the years, with the increase of the influencer marketing phenomenon. The scammers ready to earn from this new market have also grown.

In technical jargon these are called fake influencers . These are profiles who pretend to be people authorized to promote a certain brand, but who can on the contrary. Cause threats to the owning company. A potentially extremely harmful phenomenon for the brands involved as it hides various dangers.

There are various categories of fake influencers from Philippines Phone Number List which brand reputational managers must beware.

First of all we find those who manage to counterfeit the numbers of their audience. These acquire fake followers , thus promising companies a wider audience than they actually have.

How to protect yourself from fake influencers

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In this scenario, it therefore becomes essential to activate the so-called social media monitoring , entrusting this task to one’s own internal resources or to specialized agencies in the sector. In this way Sale Lead we will go beyond the appearances deriving from the number of followers, noting the actual involvement of the latter.

Another kind of fake influencer can turn out to be even more insidious : that of someone who pretends to play the role of testimonial for a product without having signed any sponsorship agreement.

Indeed, it would become too complicated to remedy a reputational damage that has already taken place online.

It therefore becomes necessary to implement a more proactive strategy, such as that of media intelligence . It allows you to be able to identify posts that are dangerous for your brand reputation in advance before they spread to a wider audience.

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