The experiment is not new. Already earlier this year Spotify, the popular music streaming and podcast service, announced the acquisition of Locker Room . An application, based on vocal interactions, mainly Hong Kong Phone Number List dedicated to sport. Then, in June, a new announcement: the birth of Greenroom . A renewed version of the Locker Room project , which this time focuses exclusively on music, the company’s main core business. But what is Spotify Greenroom ?

The company announced, “We designed Greenroom with the creators and artists that make Spotify great in mind, with a desire to streamline interactivity and connections between live room attendees.”

A music clubhouse? This is how Greenroom works

Operation is essentially the same as the Clubhouse. You sign Sale Lead up with your Spotify or Facebook account and decide which room to enter or create your own. A calendar menu updates on upcoming events, based on your friends and the preferences indicated during registration. Like Spotify, Greenroom also works in the background (that is, it is possible to listen even when using other applications or the phone screen is off). The ‘hosts’ of a room can give the floor to the public and possibly ban users who do not respect the rules of use.

With a difference from Clubhouse: Greenroom allows users to record conversations.

A competitive market or a phenomenon destined to end?

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With the arrival of Greenroom, Twitter’s Spaces and Facebook’s Live Audio Room , the competition is therefore becoming more and more heated in the world of social networks based on audio chats.

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