But what is their future in the digital market ecosystem? Clubhouse, the progenitor of the format, doesn’t seem to be doing very well. According to the latest data released by Sensor Tower, in January its application had been downloaded about 2.4 million times and in February 9.6 million times. In March, however, downloads Iceland Phone Number List were only 2.7 million and in April 922 thousand. Confirming a decline and a general interest on the part of users. However, the trend has reversed since the app was also launched on Android.

And now, with the decision to make it accessible to all and without an invitation, it seems that ten million users are ready to land on Clubhouse.

Some updated data

Clubhouse, again according to the report, today records 30 million downloads, of which 18 million only on the iOS system.

As we know, in the era of the New Normal. Companies had to face a complex crisis situation and a large number of changes and innovations.
But these changes , a key term in both 2020 and 2021. Have Sale Lead not only affected the sphere of digital transformation or digital marketing : business communication has also come to terms with the new normal.
Indeed, effective communication has proved to be a fundamental support tool for business in general, as also highlighted during the event “’20 | ’21 | ’22: Present and Future of Corporate Communication“ , edited by L’Eco della Stampa andDigital Rebirth , Available here.

What were the most relevant changes for companies then?

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Social networks in the foreground

The need to exploit them for communication has made companies more committed to building strategies consistent with their brands. The

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