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thetravelization Sara Rimondi and Lorenzo Amorosi

Creators of the travel blog The Travelization , they also communicate through Instagram with a following of 113,000 followers . Between road trips, advice for travellers, suggestive shots and hidden or unusual places, Sara and Lorenzo boast an absolutely respectable curriculum with collaborations with major brands , and excellent storytelling skills .


vologratis – Andrea Petroni

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As he defines himself on Instagram , we are now talking about a “digital travel storyteller since 2009″.
Andrea Petroni today spends most of his life traveling with his family.
He tells everything about , opened almost as a game and which has now become a point of reference in the panorama of travel blogs , and on social channels .
On Instagram he is followed by 101,000 followers , and, often Australia Phone Number List through reels, he helps all travel lovers with useful tips and information on places to visit.
He is also the author of three books: “Professione Travel Blogger” (2017), “Traveling through the villages of Italy” (2020) and “Passeggiate romane” (2021).

The best Italian travel influencers on Instagram

the_globbers – Alessandro Zorzin and Luca Pezzolo

Full-time travelers since 2015, Alessandro and Luca are a couple from Padua who have found their ideal dimension in travel .
197,000 followers on Instagram and great aesthetic care for the shots and reels they share. Always careful to combine elements related to travel , lifestyle, food with their personal history.
To show dream places and inspire other adventure lovers to go. Maybe two.


@takemyhearteverywhere – Francesca Giovinazzo and Tommaso Fogliata

The first meeting in 2011 in Milan, travelers from an early age Sale Lead with their families, Francesca and Tommaso give birth to Take My Heart Everywhere in 2016, where they share their travel postcards and which today has 534 thousand followers .
Their @TravellingThroughTheWorld travel repost account is followed by 2.7 million users today. In addition to travel influencers , they are also passionate about photography, and also offer consultancy and social media management services .

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