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Places to discover kilometers to travel

Suitcases to pack and… content to share.
Travel fascinates many, broadens horizons with unusual experiences But they are not only part of working life, as can often happen: sometimes they are the real fulcrum of one’s professional activity.
We are obviously talking about all those companies that operate in the tourism and travel sector. But also about travel influencers .
Following the account of a travel influencer to get Belgium Phone Number List to know otherwise unreachable places, or to choose which flight to book for the next destination, or even to rediscover the secrets and charm of one’s own country, is something many of us do.
But what if your company wanted to choose the right profile for an influencer marketing campaign.

Factors to take into account

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Indeed, there is no doubt that a digital marketing strategy studied today must often take into consideration the idea of ​​collaborating with an influencer . But always paying attention to several factors.
The number of followers loses importance if it is not supported by a good engagement rate and by an active community capable of interacting in a positive way.

The credibility and authenticity that will characterize the  collaboration and communication are also essential to achieve the objectives set.
Content in which the real connection between the influencer and the brand or product can be seen is certainly more appreciated by users. These will certainly have different effects than a forced partnership or unreliable content. Or worse, repeatedly submitted to users without variation.
In summary: nothing should be left to chance, from the legal Sale Lead and moral clauses of the final contract, to the type of collaboration up to the analysis of the numbers and content relating to the chosen influencer . Also, of course, when we talk about travel influencers .
Not sure where to start?
Let’s start orienting ourselves by seeing some of the top names active on Instagram together .

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