If you have a physical store, a company or a professional studio, or if you do consultancy limited to your city, local SEO can help you gain much more visibility.

The recommended tool for physical businesses is the Google My Business listing .

The free service which is part of the Google world

Allows you to create a file with all the information relating to your business: name, product category, opening hours and days, telephone numbers, website if it exists, and other details.

Within the tab you can also publish posts, images, coupons, launch Brazil Phone Number List promotions, etc. While your customers will be able to share their reviews .

Inbound Marketing for eCommerce and Content Marketing

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A very powerful tool, which falls within the broader concept of Inbound Marketing, is Content Marketing = the creation and promotion of content aimed at brand positioning and the sale of products and/or services.

Content marketing can be done in several ways:

– by publishing content on the blog
– with guest posts on other blogs
– through videos, webinars or eBooks.

A fundamental requirement, which makes it a tool not suitable for everyone, is the creation of educational and useful contents in answering problems and providing solutions; content that is also original and as specific as possible.

Considering all these variables, producing content of this type is not easy at all.

What discourages is the investment, in the event that it is necessary to recruit an external professional to take care of the production of the contents with the necessary collaboration of the entrepreneur, who will have to provide information and details relating to his products or services.

Just to give some content marketing examples , if you sell Sale Lead sportswear you can create content on the most suitable fabrics for running, or on how many calories you burn running or, lastly, on how to wash the most delicate sportswear.

Beware of information of a financial, economic, medical or scientific nature that requires an authoritative and expert “signature” to protect people’s health and safety.

In this case you can always use interviews with industry professionals , so as to publish useful and correct content from every point of view.

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