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Is it worth doing paid advertising.

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Paid advertising is based on the creation of campaigns and the publication of ads profiled by keywords Targets, interests, locations, etc., on Google, Bing , and various social networks such as Facebook. Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitter  Telegram .

Here too, however, an a priori reasoning is required to understand whether and which platform should be used , because not all of them will be needed.

Google ADS or Facebook ADS?

Consider these factors:

– the type of activity you carry out
– the places most frequented by your audience
– the type of paid search you want to exploit: direct or latent.

As for the activities, let’s take the example of a locksmith or a Greece Phone Number List plumber. For this category of professionals, a campaign on Google ADS will be much more suitable than one on Facebook.

the reason is obvious: in these cases the research is active and voluntary. “A pipe broke and I need a plumber.”

I don’t have to receive particular stimuli to take action.

The only criteria that influence the choice of the technician could be the proximity to the domicile; the possible urgency of the intervention guaranteed by immediate availability; the cost of the technicians who equally satisfy the other two requirements.

Obviously, the Google ADS platform is also used by many other product categories: restaurants, hotels, shops of all kinds, professional studios.

The case of advertising on social media is different , which Sale Lead implies a latent approach: we don’t go to Facebook or Instagram with the intention of buying.

But while we watch and read, while we entertain and peek, our attention is drawn to the post of an inviting but dietary dish, a casual-style dress or the presentation video of a service that happens to fall within our interests.

Social Media Marketing for Brand Awareness

Many companies use these channels to market both with paid ads and free with organic posts  images and videos:

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