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It is on social media that the company or professional tells its story. And these are the channels where you can work on positioning to feed the perception of the brand’s identity.

So if you’re using social channels , for example to sell through Facebook , you need to understand what they say about you on that platform.

In fact, it could happen that unfair people or the fierce Germany Phone Number List hand of the competition publish false news that you may have to deny, truthful or untrue reviews or comments that damage your image.

Perhaps a customer who has not found your after-sales service satisfactory and complains about it with a comment on his page.

Knowing them helps you correct the shot with a much more informed eCommerce marketing strategy, considering that 91% of people read at least one review before making a purchase.

But how do you find out?

Tools for doing Brand Reputation Analysis

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– Google Alert
– Social Mention
– Topsy
– Reputology
– L’Eco della Stampa

Monitoring with Eco della Stampa includes all offline and online media. But dedicates targeted services to the analysis of social media based on its sector and to the analysis of 18,000 Italian and foreign sites .

SEO for eCommerce

This is another fundamental element of eCommerce marketing, because without SEO optimization work, the site remains in the shadows, unless it is promoted with paid advertising (PPC).

Paid advertising, however, which we will talk about shortly, is not always feasible for those who do not have a sufficient budget to invest and want to keep costs down. In addition to the fact that there are many other excellent reasons for doing SEO .

1. SEO is not affected by the provisions taken by privacy laws , which Sale Lead instead condition the dynamics of retargeting in PPC .

2. Organic search results receive a higher click-through rate than paid ads. In fact, organic search generates 53% of website traffic versus 27% for paid search (source: Yoast).

3. People are highly motivated online : they are actively looking for a product or service and are therefore much more inclined to buy.

Local SEO if you have a physical store

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