• make the brand known
  • place it in the customer’s mind
  • transform it into a reliable and authoritative point of reference for that specific target
  • sell or increase sales
  • integrate the online store with any physical store

and you can achieve your marketing goals with the help of these tools:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Paid Search / PPC (advertising on platforms like Google, Bing and Social Media)
  • Inbound Marketing / Content Marketing
  • social media
  • Email Marketing .

There is no web marketing strategy without analysis

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Before taking the field with these tools, however, you should start with an analysis work to identify the most suitable ones for your business, to build a traceable and recognizable, fast and secure site, attractive for your target.

Target analysis

Without framing your target audience , and without knowing their needs, values, preferences, you will not be able to transform the visitor, the curious, the information seeker into an effective customer.

Considering the latest neuroscience discoveries in support of the strong emotional drive that drives us to purchase, it is also appropriate to look at the customer in a completely different light.

It is no longer so much the product itself that matters, whose quality we take for granted, but rather its ability to make us experience the resolution of a problem, to represent the state of grace in which we will live after purchasing it.

The product therefore becomes a means and not the end. And it is precisely on these foundations that you will be able to build your corporate identity (what you offer and why), an outpost China Phone Number List of trust that your potential customers will be able to place in you, and transform the key points of your business into narration through the production of content.

This type of communication, evocative and sensorial, which uses the sign in all its forms — colours , images and words — necessarily requires you to identify the problems, desires, values ​​and objectives of your target.

Finally, knowing who the people potentially interested in your offers are helps you to focus on your customer’s customer journey , to find out where on the web to meet them.

Brand Reputation Analysis: find out what they say about you

If you are on social media, like most companies and professionals today, you should worry about your reputation.

Social proof , one of the famous “Six Weapons of Persuasion” highlighted by the psychologist and communication expert Robert Cialdini , is a very strong emotional lever to cultivate people’s trust.

And today you sell above all with trust , given by the positioning of the brand, its visibility and the reputation you have been able to build online.

It may seem absurd, but it is true. And it’s not so much if Sale Lead you think about the everlasting power of word of mouth. If the neighbour, whom you trust, recommends stall No. 15 at the market, for the best fruit, you can go to that stall.

Once you have won trust, and demonstrated the quality of your products and/or services, you can count on a contagious work of sharing and word of mouth , which travels the intricate paths of Social Media .

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