This episode definitively marks the

Transition from the information age to the age of the customer. Which, according to Forrester ‘s classification.

It is an age that still persists today and which has led to a shift of technologies towards the consumer-customer. Who therefore has information about the quality. Prices and comparisons of the product never had before.

Experience management as a new strategic corporate area

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Experience Management is the discipline of using experiential data (X-data) and operational data (O-data), used to measure and improve the four main business experiences: customer, employee, product and brand .

The use of data of a different nature allows on the one hand (operating data) to understand what is happening, what we are transacting, in what terms and times.

At the same time it allows us to understand why the customer has chosen or is leaving a certain company (experiential data), being also able to guess which corrective actions to focus on in order France Phone Number List to create an empathetic relationship with their customers or collaborators.

In this case, the basic concept of customer experience management is to replicate the human elements of relationships on the experience management platform:

A) Listening, which can take place through two different processes:

  1. Passive listening to the customer: collection of reviews, monitoring of social networks, requests and problems raised through the call center;
  2. Feedback collection: active reminder from the customer that provides direct and structured data

It is then necessary to develop skills, which are of different kinds:

  1. Go and draw the transformation that you want to carry out in the field of experiences
  2. Realize a return on investment in the first 6 – 9 months because otherwise the programs do not catch on and are not sustained in the long term
  3. Activate the organization at various levels (it’s not just the Sale Lead front hand that creates the memory of the customer experience)
  4.  Illuminate all sectors of the company with what are the discoveries
  5.  Respond with specific actions and architect actions for new experiences.

Winning experience management can allow companies to dominate the markets.

However, all companies that want to improve their relationship with customers and collaborators must use a framework that hooks up to technology starting from culture, where everything is demonstrated with a top-down dynamic.

Without management’s availability of vision, even the best technologies risk failing.

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