At l’Eco della Stampa we are well aware that data are the basis for the development of corporate strategies and feedback on the effectiveness of those already in place. Also reported in the context of digitisation. Being present in 12 countries and being able to count on a community of 4,500 innovators is an authoritative source of a lot of data Denmark Phone Number List on how the world of digital business is moving for both professionals and companies. We are talking about Talent Garden, the most important European digital education operator with which L’Eco della Stampa has entered into a partnership for some years now. His focus? Data, marketing, design, coding, digital HR and business. We caught up with its CEO, Irene Boni, to talk about digital literacy, information and Web 3.0.

What is digital literacy

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You have been dealing with digital for years, developing its potential and applications. When we talk about digital literacy what do we mean. It means the ability to use the new tools and new ways of working brought about by digitalisation. Understanding and approach to digital, today more than ever, go hand in hand with inclusion and innovation. This is as true for companies as it is for professionals – especially at this stage in which training continues. Upskilling and reskilling are mandatory steps – just like in everyday life. Knowing means being able to be an active and aware part of a digitized society that has the ambition to be even more so in the coming years. Suffice it to say that the huge funds allocated by the PNRR all go in this direction.

Informazione e dati base strategica

The digital evolution has changed the way we use information: how could we get the best of both worlds? “Digitization has certainly changed the methods of accessing information which, thanks Sale Lead to new platforms and social networks, is now able to intercept young people. However, this would not be enough if a style of communication consistent with one’s followers was not also used. Will , in this sense, is a successful example. Today everyone has the ability to always be updated, in real time, with whatever is happening here or on the other side of the world. But the speed and ease of access mustn’t take away from the ability to really understand what you read”.

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