Nicolò Balini

“Professional traveler” and co-founder of , which organizes group travel
Nicolò starts from YouTube, opening the Human Safari channel in 20

@giuligartner – Giulia Gartner

The Dolomites, the place where she grew up, inspired UK Phone Number List her and gave birth to her passion for photography.

Her collaborations mainly concern companies that are committed to sustainability and the protection of the planet.

compiled a list. Which has no ranking value, of the best Italian influencers on Instagram who deal with the theme of travel and who have transformed their passion into a profession .

miprendoemiportovia – Elisa Paterlini and Luca Golinelli

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Together they travel to the four corners of the planet. It looks like a fairy tale, yet it’s reality.
They describe themselves as gypsy souls with a rock ‘n’ roll heart, travelers and non-tourists, with the desire to be as local as possible.
@miprendoemiportovia has 151,000 followers today .
Over the years, Elisa and Luca have developed partnerships with large companies.  The creative space for events and workshops Pop Corner Lab in Reggio Emilia, and the artistic project Say it with a speech bubble .

These were just some of the top Italian travel influencers on Instagram .
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